Recommendation of Nadlan Navon

I would like to warmly recommend the firm of Nadlan Navon.

I turned to them after many months of frustration trying to understand the Israeli real estate market.

In the beginning, I read numerous internet and newspaper articles about various building companies and suggested locations on where to buy an apartment.

The more I read the more confused I became.

I turned to many real estate agents but always felt that they did not have my best interest at heart.

I searched for an advisor who could help me understand the process and coach me on how to purchase an apartment.

Having interviewed several possible advisors, I finally chose Nadlan Navon.

They were clear, concrete and cooperative during the many months it took to find the right apartment for my investment portfolio.

They also assisted me in understanding the mortgage system, how to handle real estate agents and the bureaucracy but more importantly not to lose track on the type of apartment that fits my strategy.

They were always available and helpful. I'll never forget the night when we eventually purchased the apartment.

The owner of the apartment, the real estate agent and us began an anxiety filled negotiation process.

But, during those few hours, Nadlan Navon was there for me.

They answered my questions and gave me intelligent advice on how to deal with the negotiations.

With their advice, encouragement, tenacity and professional knowledge I purchased the apartment!

And I felt that I made a great deal too.I believe that should you consider purchasing an apartment or other real estate venture, your first decision should be using the services of Nadlan Navon.

DR. Pinchas

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*רלוונטי לבעלי הון עצמי של החל מ - 500,000 ש"ח
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